​​Dr. John J. Cannell is the founder of the Vitamin D Council and one of the leading researchers in the field of treating vitamin D deficiency and the research. As a licensed MD Cannell walks the fine line of following the guidelines the authorities provide and what he knows to be the truth about the effects and possible toxicity from vitamin D. But like the rest of us he grew tired the lies and propaganda spread across the internet and coming out doctors offices across the country about the fear of toxicity from taking high doses of vitamin D3.

Dr. Cannell's response? He makes a test subject out of himself. The following is the results of that experiment....Just try to read it without smiling.

In 2012 I decided to do a toxicity study on myself to help answer a few questions. I started taking 100,000 IU/day in June of 2012. I measured my 25(OH)D and Urine CA/Cr ratio every week. The 25(OH)D was run by two different methods. Towards the end I also had a 1,25 and 24,25 run.

My D slowly increased to 300 ng/ml by LCMS at about 4 months.  My serum and urine calcium and urine CA/CR ratio remained normal. I wanted to see if sun exposure would affect vitamin D so I started sunbathing an hour every day for 2 weeks. My vitamin D levels decreased to 250 ng/ml despite the fact I was still taking 100,000 IU/day. It seemed to indicate that sun exposure will help reduce elevated D levels. By six months my D level was 350 ng/ml but my serum CA, 24 hour urine calcium and CA/CR ratios remained normal.

However, I started having anorexia and nausea (some symptoms of D intoxication) when I got to 350 ng/ml so I stopped the vitamin D. It took about 6 months for my 25(OH)D to get under 100 ng/ml.  The anorexia and nausea went away in about a month.

The different methods of measuring 25(OH)D showed about a 25% variance on some measurements. My 1,25 never went above normal but my 24,25 level was elevated the last 3 months. It is assumed that toxicity is a side effect of
hypercalcemia.  I guess the anorexia and nausea may have been psychosomatic as I got very nervous when my 25(OH)D got above 200 ng/ml.

John J Cannell, MD,

Vitamin D Council Inc.

You may have heard Dr. Cannell on national radio recently has he has teamed with Purity Products to create a form of vitamin D that includes other ingredients, very similar to our own daily suggested protocol. We have been asked if we endorse this product and I would say yes accept for one ingredient. Zinc. While we like that zinc was included we are cautious to recommend taking zinc alone. The balance of zinc to copper is critical, for that reason one of the few products we can recommend is Jarrows Zinc Balance [see that here] which includes the perfect ratio of the two. 

 We've done the research.....Here is our Vitamin D Protocol